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Paranormal Music: Merchandise


A Cd featuring all of my paranormal songs will be released on March 15th 2011 (my birthday). It is titled "Paranormal Cafe" and has 13 tracks including many new songs such as:
Face on Mars
Scorpio Moon
and more!
TO ORDER SEND $15 (that includes shipping)
to: Vyktoria Pratt Keating
PO Box 985
Clarkdale AZ 86324

Things That Fall From The Sky - CD

EVP (Disembodied Voices on Tape),
The Underworld (Pluto Pluto), Conspiracies (Black Helicopters) Death (Strange Mistake), Past Lives (Yer Dead), Mutating Frogs,
along with the tuneful popness of Spider, a
longtime favorite of VPK fans. 12 songs. Produced by Andrew Giddings of Jethro Tull!

To order any of the Cds above or below or send $15 check or money order to
PO Box 985 Clarkdale AZ 86324

This Guardian At Noon - CD

My 2nd CD produced by VPK and Christian Quick. Very mellow, spacey, mystical and numinous. Layered guitars, backward loop tracks, sitar, dumbek, chimes, bells. Subjects include Dreams (When I Dream),
Astrology (Venus Direct), Holographic
Universe (Multitudinous), Oil Spills
(Rainbow Black), Entrainment (Do We
Entrain?), St. Germain (Germain) and

Blue Apples - CD

My first CD produced by VPK and Bob Read (of Trapezoid and Bruce Hornsby band)
Amazing, upbeat acoustic pop production.
13 songs including: Buffalo, NY-10-11-91, Into The Amazon, 10-Step Stairs & more!
Paddy Keenan (Uillean Pipes)
Pete Kennedy (Guitars)
Robert Jospe (Drums & percussion)
Dennis Espantman (Bass)
Rick Schmidt (Cello, Viola, Violin)
Bob Vasile (Bazouki)
Fred Boyce (banjo)
Akira Otsuka (Mandolin)
VPK (vocals and guitar)
Bob Read (keyboards)

Something About Driving - CD

Live from the Jethro Tull tour that I opened
in 1999 all over the US and UK. 9 songs and 8 introductions (these intros are all great raps most of them over 1 minute long relating humorous stories etc) There is a GRAND introduction from Ian Anderson himself, as well as members of Tull backing me up on a few songs. The CD features the original artwork, 6 panel insert and tray card in jewel box. PRICELESS but you pay only $20! (includes S&H)

The Pluto Experience DVD

edited from 2 workshops in Sedona. 2 hours long $25 send check or mo to:
PO Box 985
Clarkdale AZ 86324

Gavin Carruthers & Vyktoria present: The Pluto Experience
Astrology, Music, Myth & Healing
Join with a group of other spiritual
seekers on a journey of self-discovery
and self-healing. Astrologers and teachers
Gavin Carruthers and Vyktoria Keaing will
weave the 5,000 year old Sumerian myth
of Inanna and Ereshkigal throughout the evening,
bringing Plutonian symbolism to life through
lecture, music, story-telling and meditation.
The astrological Pluto represents the urge to
get in touch with that which is most true and
most real in our lives. In these extraordinary
times in which we are living, we are all being
challenged as never before to honor our
spiritual truth, to honor the deeper reasons
for us being on planet Earth at this time. 
The Pluto Experience helps us to clarify, empower
and embolden our lives.  The evening will feature
5 Plutonian songs by Vyktoria.

Copyediting by my brother Noel Pratt

UFO detectors, EVP gear, Flux-Field Receivers and more

check out my friend Jim Hale's inventions


I offer personalized astrological readings, taped or in person. These are very comprehensive, not a "generic printed astrology profile".
The reading is taped, 90 minutes, and the
cost is $150.
Personalized natal and transit
readings. Inspiring and illuminating,

helping you to better align your life
& goals with your soul’s intent.

Vyktoria's penetrating insights and the ability to communicate in a compassionate and enlightening way, have been a source of inspiration to many. She draws on myth, alchemical symbolism and psychological tools of transformation that honor us as co-creators. With 12 years experience, she has studied with Liz Greene at the CPA in London and Gavin Carruthers in Sedona AZ.

Free Will is ours with every choice we make. An astrological
reading helps to clarify those choices and our best times and
avenues for maximizing our understanding, success, healing, growth, and bettering our relationships with each other and ourselves.

"Your visionary & interpretive gifts are outstanding.- that was the most
sensitive & insightful description of my personality, goals, problems I’ve
ever received over all the years I’ve had my chart done!” Rena Gorlin DC

“It is uncanny how right you were with virtually every aspect of my life. I plan on taking your advice!” Alan Rogowski, Chicago IL

“Thanks for the excellent reading. I found it to be right on the money.
I truly value your insights and compassion”
Joanne Stato Baltimore MD