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Paranormal Music: Press

“Her brand of mulder-delic, swan-o-phonic, ghost operatics doesn’t show up in these parts very often.”
Dean Bonzani - Flagstaff Live
Some of the most freehanded, lithe and resilient music around. Alluring, inventive, poetic,
surreal.... Vyktoria has a knack for writing refreshingly varied material, by turns tender, passionate and whimsical.”
Washington Post
“Truly the troubadour, VPK combines age-old songstress seduction with technical expertise..the touching, provocative and observational songs pierce the heart & soul.”
Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull
“Vyktoria’s is a talent that pulls you deep into her mind-spinningly creative musical world. TTFFTS explodes into a vibrant musical event like no other. This is a sonic exploration of otherworldy dimensions and overflowing with exeptional sound and stirring performances.”
Anthony Benson - The Edge Magazine
“Hauntingly beautiful, vision laden with soulful style and grace, this is a profound and melodic recording.”
Magical Blend Magazine
“Vyktoria has transformed and transported herself so far beyond the singer songwriter persona that she has become a new entitiy....neo-progressive rock-
tone poems ala Brian Eno.”
The Octopus
"Keating’s music possesses an otherworldy quality..marvelous image of spirits occupying her
“magnetic head" and bathed in a celestial glow that evokes underwater moonlight. Utterly enchanting.”
Progression Magazine
“Things That Fall From the Sky is a gloriously inventive and adventurous affair. She has a quirkyness to her lyrics and delivery that is quite endearing, and more than enough pop sensibility in her writing to ensure huge commercial success should she receive a fraction of the exposure given to Alanis, Tori, et al. A hugely talented artist.
Dave Rees - A New Day (Tull Fanzine)
“The Cd (Things That Fall From The Sky) arrived today and I absolutely love it! I am listening to it for the fifth time in a row as I write this. This music reminds me of kate Bush and Mike also reminds me a little of the mellow side of Rush’s ‘Hold Your Fire’ album. The more I listen to it, the more I love it.
Webmaster for Dream Theater, OSI etc. - Mark Bredius