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Paranormal Music: Bio

Vyktoria Pratt Keating - writer and recording artist

Vyktoria Pratt Keating's music has been described as "Some of the most freehanded, lithe and resilient music around" by The Washington Post. Having opened a 42-show opening tour for Jethro Tull, she is currently promoting her CD, Things That Fall From The Sky, produced by longtime Tull keyboardist Andrew Giddings.

Her exhilarating vocals and exquisite guitar artistry
provide the sonic backdrop to her intelligent, poetic, and surreal lyrics, creating a new blend of paranormal pop, sci-fi folk, and dream rock. She is the recipient of 3 Wammie Awards (Washington DC Music Awards) and has performed in 46 states and the UK, including such venues as England's Apollo Theater, Concord Pavilion, Greek Theater, and the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland.

Her interests in the paranormal, metaphysics, and forteana have led her to seek out alternative performing situations over the years. Her shows include The 2004 & 2008 X-Conference in DC, The UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, The 60th Anniversary Roswell UFO Festival and many more. In 2004 she showcased her song “The Face on Mars”, written for Richard C. Hoagland, at the X-Conference banquet. In 2007 she co-wrote her song “Paradigm Clock” with Exopolitical activist Stephen Bassett. Her music has been featured on many paranormal radio shows including Coast to Coast AM, Tenacity Radio, Fate Radio,The X-Zone, Jerry Pippin, Ghostly Talk and Ghost Radio.
Reviews include Magical Blend, Fate Magazine and other alternative publications.

A sensitive and compassionate musical alchemist, Vyktoria is driven to explore the deepest secrets within the universe, society, and herself. Her music is rich in ambient overtones, odd time signatures and syncopation, with themes ranging from UFOs, Ghosts, Entrainment, EVP, Myth, Face on Mars, Mutating Frogs, Dreams, Black Helicopters, Holographic Universe, Astrology. Alchemy, Exopolitics, and more, all rich in Paranormal & Fortean imagery. Influenced by progressive rock (Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Kate Bush), by Celtic folk/rock (Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Nick Drake), and by literate pop (XTC, Peter Gabriel, the Beatles), Vyktoria creates music that is progressive and timeless, while incorporating an instinctive resonance that appeals to the hearts, souls, and minds of her diverse audience.